A bit about me

I grew up in Glasgow’s west end, but have lived on the south side for 15 years.  I’ve been married since 2011, and we had a totally rocking, DIY wedding, complete with seminal indie rock band The Vaselines playing at our reception.  My favourite time of year is Spring, but my favourite light is that evocative early Autumn low sun that creates amazing warmth and dramatic shadows.  I love being constantly surprised at the new things my young daughter can do.  I’d like to live next to the sea someday.  I like taking off in the car for impromptu road trips.  I try to be an ethical consumer and I'm always on the hunt for great cruelty-free products.  I love a good pop song.  My wedding dress inspiration was Pride & Prejudice! I love to cook, but have not yet mastered baking.  I love looking at old photographs and spotting family resemblances.  I love old buildings, especially when there’s a really old, faded shop sign on them.  I don’t enjoy the gym.  I prefer to walk in the fresh air.  I’ve been photographing professionally for 12 years, but completed a BA (Hons) in Photography in 2014.  I’m really chuffed with my First Class Honours award.

Image of me on my wedding day by Stephanie Gibson

Dress by Dragonfly Dress Design

Flowers by Sparrow and Rose

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